Optimised presentation at the point of sale We use our years of experience and expertise to develop and produce highly customised POS materials for you. Plastic or cardboard, high-quality finish or plain, moving or dangling – different requirements need custom solutions. Together, we can find the perfect product for your POS!

Point of sale, or “POS” for short, is the term used to refer to all the areas in a business where you can come into contact with customers in order to sell them something.

This includes windows and doors with eye-catching posters and stickers, the signs hanging from the ceiling, the funny floor stickers that guide customers around the store, the shelves to their left and right with clips that flash and move so that they stop and look, the flashing stickers on the refrigeration units, and the checkout with its colourful 3D displays that make their children’s eyes light up with glee.

Each of these points of sale needs different advertising materials: different in format, material, printing technique, finishing and function. Our POS brochure gives you an overview of what is possible.

You can also take a look at our material fan decks to see the different options for yourself! Simply go to the bottom of this page to order.

Let our options inspire you!


Effective display window advertising requires emotional images and creative design. We print and finish a huge range of materials – both self-adhesive and simply adhesive – and will work with you to develop your new window advertising system:

  • Single-sided or double-sided sticker printing
  • Permanent or removable stickers
  • Hard-film adhesive for simple application
  • Easy-Dot stickers – no more bubbles!
  • Adhesive stickers that simply stick
  • Stafix posters for special campaigns
  • 3D window advertising


Ceiling hangers are an essential advertising medium. Among other things, they can be used to guide the customer through the sales areas and lead them directly to your product.

  • Affordable and highly effective advertising medium
  • Wide range of shapes and formats available
  • With print finishes
  • Plastic or cardboard


Floor stickers or floor graphics are a durable, eye-catching means of advertising for your POS:

  • With anti-slip lamination or coating


In order to make shopping at the POS a haptic and visual experience that stops customers in their tracks and motivates them to make a purchase, we offer highly customised shelf advertising materials. Choose from transparent or white plastic, cardboard, lenticular products, high-quality finishes and flashing LEDs – or a combination of all the above, with adhesive-free application (magnets, YupoTako, adhesion):

  • Shelf wobblers
  • Shelf stoppers
  • Shelf plugs
  • Shelf rails
  • Shelf panels
  • Shelf flags
  • Shelf inserts


Increase purchase motivation in the cooled goods section with suitable advertising materials that make your product stand out:

  • Shelf wobblers
  • Shelf stoppers
  • Shelf plugs
  • Shelf rails
  • Shelf panels
  • Shelf flags
  • Shelf platforms
  • Window stickers


The checkout represents your last chance to advertise your products – but thanks to the waiting times, it’s also the best:

  • Small displays
  • EC/EFT/POS device stickers
  • Loyalty points and competitions